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At Thane Eye Care Hospital, we offer refractive surgeries treatments using cutting-edge technology, providing patients with improved visual clarity and the freedom to live life without glasses or contact lenses. Our experienced surgeons and personalized treatment plans ensure the best possible outcomes for your visual needs.

How To Check If You Can Get LASIK Treatment:

LASIK surgery is a safe and effective procedure, but not everyone is a suitable candidate for this refractive surgery. To determine eligibility, our experienced surgeons at Thane Eye Care Hospital conduct a thorough evaluation of each patient’s eye health and visual status.

  • Age: Candidates should be at least 18 years old to ensure that their vision prescription has stabilized.

  • Stable Vision: Patients should have a stable vision prescription for at least one year before considering LASIK surgery.

  • Good Eye Health: Candidates should have overall good eye health with no active eye conditions or diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, or severe dry eyes.

  • Eye Health Assessments: Patients undergo a series of comprehensive eye examinations to assess their suitability for LASIK.

  • Pregnancy and Nursing: Women who are pregnant or nursing are generally adv

Why Choose Thane Eye Care Hospital For Refractive Surgeries:

  • Comprehensive Eye Check-up: At Thane Eye Care Hospital, we begin treatment with a thorough eye examination. Our experienced doctors conduct a detailed assessment to determine issues.

  • Counseling and Education: Our team of doctors explains the entire treatment process, addresses any concerns, and ensures our patients are well-informed and comfortable.

  • Advanced Surgical Expertise: At Thane Eye Care Hospital, treatment is conducted with utmost precision and advanced technology. Our skilled surgeons perform surgeries to ensure minimal discomfort and faster recovery.

Your eyes deserve the best care.

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